How Lawyers Help With Your Case

If you suffer an unjust injury, you have certain legal rights and need to speak with personal injury lawyers who can advise you of your legal options. If you can demonstrate that someone else was negligent or breached a legal obligation, then you can pursue a claim for personal injury or wrongful death. An attorney can provide you with insight as to whom you can rightfully take legal action against, as well as represent you as you pursue a damage claim.

How Lawyers Help After You Get Hurt

When you get hurt, the first thing you need to do is to determine if someone else was to blame. Certain states’ tort laws allow you to sue a person, a company, and, in some situations, a government agency. In order to be successful in a lawsuit, you need to be able to prove that the defendant breached a legal duty. Usually, this means proving the defendant was negligent or unreasonably careless. However, in some situations (like when you get hurt by a defective product), a different legal standard is used.

Personal injury lawyers can review the circumstances surrounding how you got hurt to help determine who, if anyone, breached a legal duty to you. Sometimes you will identify just one potential defendant to pursue a claim against. In other cases, you will have multiple people and companies you could potentially sue. For example, if you get hurt in a trucking accident, you may not only obtain compensation from the driver but also from the trucking company.

After helping you to decide whom to sue, personal injury lawyers can assist you in filing the appropriate paperwork with the court. You must sue in a court that has jurisdiction, which means you need to sue in the area where the injury took place or where you and the defendant live.

Many injury claims settle outside of court, so you may not end up having to file court paperwork at all. Settlement negotiations can also continue after you have filed suit and even after you have begun presenting evidence. However, once you settle, you will not be able to change your mind. As a result, it is important to talk to an attorney before you sign any paperwork. You need to ensure that the settlement is fair, reasonable, and sufficiently covers your injuries before you agree to give up the right to sue in exchange for the settlement money.

Presenting Your Case in Court

If your injury claim does go to trial, it is imperative that you have top-notch advice from an experienced litigator. There are specific rules of evidence, and you have the burden of proof when you are involved in a personal injury claim and are seeking compensation. Your attorney can help you to present witnesses, expert testimonies, and other proof that the defendant is to blame and responsible for hurting you.

There is never any guarantee in an injury claim, but people who hire lawyers will have representation from an experienced advocate who knows how to navigate the civil court system. This can give you a better chance of getting full and fair compensation than if you try to go it alone.

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Lawyers Can Assist in Many Situations

Lawyers have legal expertise that enables them to help people in a variety of crises. However, this assistance does not come without a price. If money is not a consideration, you need not worry about whether or when to seek representation. But, if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, consider your plight carefully to determine whether you need professional help. Then, you can hire an attorney if you need help with your problem.

What Might You Lose?

Some situations are so serious in nature that you could lose your personal freedom or a large amount of money if you do not proceed correctly. For example, if you are charged with a crime, and jail or prison time could be involved, it’s important to have legal representation. Predicaments that involve a civil lawsuit and potentially large fines also warrant having a lawyer’s guidance and assistance.

Timeliness and Deadlines

When you have a specific deadline for acting, an attorney can often work quickly and effectively to complete the necessary tasks. The time it would take you to learn and then proceed through the legal system could be far longer than the time it would take a lawyer to act on your behalf. Consider applicable statutes of limitations for any legal situation, and ensure that you shop for lawyers with enough time for the professional you hire to be able to resolve your problem before the specified deadline.

Complicated Proceedings

There are a number of legal situations that involve complicated laws. In these situations, a layperson likely does not have a full grasp and understanding of everything involved in the legal process. Representing yourself in this situation could lead to mistakes and missed opportunities because you simply do not have a complete understanding of the situation. For example, estate planning, business negotiations, custody arrangements, and income tax issues typically require the expertise of lawyers to resolve them effectively.

Initial Consultation

Once you determine that you need assistance, schedule appointments to speak with attorneys for initial consultations. These appointments are ideal for outlining your problems and getting professional opinions about how you should proceed to resolve them. By having a few consultations with different attorneys, you can compare the recommendations and opinions you receive to see if they differ. Professionals may also have different opinions from you about the best way to proceed. In this case, you should weigh the professional recommendations carefully to determine whether your desires are unrealistic. You can also get estimates for the prices of representation to enable you to compare them to find an attorney that fits your budget.

By considering your situation carefully and weighing the benefits of attorney assistance, you can decide whether it’s prudent to have legal representation. You might decide that the expense of a lawyer is worth the benefit you’ll receive from the assistance. You could also decide that you would rather save your money and take your chances by representing yourself. Proceed carefully in this predicament to ensure that you don’t make your problems worse instead of resolving them.

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Choosing a Maritime Attorney – Does Experience Really Matter?

Whether you are a crew member and have a wage dispute or you’re were guests on board a cruise ship where you became ill with food poisoning or slipped or fell due to a no fault of your own, a maritime attorney is the person to look for to help you manage a claim against the cruise company.

What many people don’t realize when seeking someone to help them manage their claim and receive compensation due to cruise ship negligence is that experience really does matter. You want to choose a law firm that has years of knowledge and experience in maritime law.

Maritime law is exceptionally complex and requires a specific approach to how the claim is filed and managed. Cruise companies have set procedures and failing to follow their approach can result in the claim being thrown out and the person not receiving any compensation on their claim.

It is important you choose a maritime attorney that has a number of successful claims against cruise companies behind them; they understand the process which needs to be followed to ensure their clients achieve the best possible results. Of course not all claims have a positive outcome and they can take months to finalize, but with an experienced team behind you, your chances of success of greatly improved.

When looking for an attorney to manage your case, start by going online and looking in your local area. Ensure you focus on firms that have experience in maritime law, your local attorney firm may not focus on this sector of the law and therefore isn’t the best choice for you moving forward. Check that the company has been operating in the maritime industry for years and can provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to push your claim forward and help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

Choose at least three law firms, this will help you review and compare them to find the one you feel is the best match based on your particular claim. Most maritime attorney’s will have experience with any sector of the maritime law from wage disputes to personal injury claims, medical malpractice on board a cruise ship to wrongful death, harassment charges and more.

Do your researches before you contact any of the law firms to determine their experience and go through their track record. The law firm should be completely transparent and willing to provide you with information on all their passed cases, including those they didn’t win. This enables you to ensure that they have worked on cases which are similar to yours with good results.

Read through their current and past client reviews. Don’t rely on the law firm’s website, rather focus on online forums and independent review sites, where you can find honest customer feedback to help you choose the maritime attorney you feel is the best choice to help you win your claim and achieve success.

When meeting with the maritime attorney for the first time, they should take the time to go through the process with you, ensuring you understand the steps that have to be taken moving forward. This is a complex process that requires a lot of documentation, deadlines and negotiations.

The attorney shouldn’t push you into making a decision or force you to go ahead with your claim. In fact, they should provide you with all the information you need to make your own informed decision on whether to proceed based on their honesty and their prediction of your success on winning the case.

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5 Reasons You Can Be An Attorney Rainmaker: “Born” Salesmen Don’t Have A Monopoly In The Legal Field

When a lawyer becomes a successful rainmaker for his law firm, you often hear that he’s a “born salesman.” When it comes to writing a persuasive proposal – a rarity in the legal field – the term is a “born writer.”

In many ways, this explanation seems to relieve everyone of a good deal of responsibility. It conveys the idea that he doesn’t need to exert himself in order to make a sale. It suggests that he need only to appear before a client and go through the formality of discussing his practice – and some divine force will cause the actual rain.

But Here’s the Truth About Successful Selling for Lawyers

The sooner this myth is drowned in a lake and forgotten, the better. It belongs with the orcs and goblins of a fantasy world – because it has no place in this one. It certainly has no relation to achieving success.

I want to strongly encourage you to believe in yourself and your current and future selling abilities. Don’t give up.

Yes, it’s obvious that some attorneys have greater native capability for selling or proposal writing than others. But native capability is not all that a lawyer needs to sell his firm. Whether in a proposal in response to a Request For Proposal or in the “beauty contest” sales presentation, a lawyer needs more than in-born selling skills just as much as an in-born ear for music doesn’t make you Mozart.

Study and painstaking practice are more essential in developing good selling ability than natural aptitude. No attorney – no matter how much selling knack he has been gifted with – can succeed on the strength of knack alone. It may suffice to keep him or her bringing in a few enviable clients from time to time – but it only advances him to the front ranks because so few lawyers make any effort to learn any sales skills at all. To truly make it rain for yourself and the loved ones and staff who depend on you, you must constantly strive to improve your methods. You need to benefit from others’ experience. You have to add acquired knowledge of sales and proposal writing to whatever natural gifts you have.

You Have To Learn It To Earn It

Nobody ever sprang full-fledged into writing persuasive proposals or dazzling at beauty contests. It takes training to obtain possession of the powers that a lawyer must use if she desires to rise above the ranks of the mere plodders.

The best examples of success in legal salesmanship are no less “made” salespeople than “born” salesmen. Indeed, many of the most proficient attorneys have attained proficiency through sheer determined application in mastering the principles in selling. Despite the fact that they have had no “leaning” in the direction of sales, and no particular fitness at the start, they absorbed the essential strategies and techniques of selling for the legal profession.

As for responding to Requests For Proposals, no attorney has ever been born who wrote an effective one the first time around. And yet many law firms continue to cut and paste from previous proposals that date back to the very first one.

Don’t Be Discouraged By Ignorant Lawyers

Many senior partners and compensation committee members commit an injustice in carelessly classifying all good rainmakers as “born” salesmen. They imply by this that those who have not been born to this kind of work, who do not evince a special capacity for it at the beginning of their careers, are hopeless cases.

But any lawyer can learn to sell their services and their firm. Any attorney can learn to write a persuasive proposal to a client. Any law firm can put together a winning sales presentation for the beauty contest.

There is nothing about selling to make it incomprehensible to an attorney who wants to master it. Salesmanship is not like being an NBA center, where the job opening starts and ends with seven footers. Given brains and a determined spirit and a capacity for application, any attorney can achieve success in selling, even if she has grown up with no particular understanding of sales systems and the steps for effective selling or the proper structure for persuasive proposals for law firms. You can’t expect to study your way to being seven feet tall, but you can absolutely study your way to being a rainmaker.

There is an incredible need in the legal field for a greater number of lawyers who are thorough and competent salespeople. For this reason alone it’s terrible to discourage associates and partners who have the making of a good salespeople who are able to sell their firm and services by telling them that, if they are not “born” salesmen, they can never make a real success.

And As For Those “Born” Rainmakers

Oftentimes the success and ability of “born” rainmakers is seriously impaired by too much self-assurance. They get the idea that some sort of a lucky charm makes their efforts inevitably succeed. Some never even do their best work because – compared to other lawyers who don’t make any efforts to learn to sell – they feel that their poorest work is good enough. They’re content to set the pace and play some golf. It seems frankly unimportant whether they keep it up. Consequently, though they may still keep their knack of selling or presenting, they make very little improvement as the years go on. And they never improve at proposal writing.

It seems to them that their smooth talking is all that there is to salesmanship. Since they already possess it, there’s no point in them seeking self-improvement. And there’s no opportunity for them to improve themselves. This is a shockingly bad mistake.

If a law firm has what is known as a “born” salesman, it has a right to consider itself fortunate. But the rainmaker himself should be careful that he doesn’t forfeit his incentive to do better and to grow just because he feels he’s already reached a satisfactory height.

What you need to make your selling and proposal writing skills strong and competent is less being peculiarly endowed with the knack of selling as that you be animated with a belief in the possibilities of your own development. You need to believe that, if you learn to sell better, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

It’s hard to look around and feel that’s true sometimes, but it is.

It’s hard to feel that you have the time to learn selling or proposal writing, but you do.

It’s hard to imagine a better investment in your future than selling more of your services and selling it at a higher price.

How to Keep It Up

Keep hold of your ambition to achieve the greatest measure of development possible. The rawest and most ill-assorted law firm selling force – if each of your members is dominated by the belief that he can learn to sell your services and by the determination to do so – will earn more for a firm in the long run than the law firm made up of “born” rainmakers who are all so satisfied and content with present conditions that they don’t try to improve.

So summon all the energy of your mind and body. Never entertain a thought of failure. Make difficulties stepping stones to greater heights of achievement. No doubt you will meet severe opposition. There are people who will say, you’re too small, too big, too young, too old, too inexperienced, too expensive, and just about a million other things. Stick with your conviction and courage in the face of such remarks. Study the methods and techniques to counter these objections. Learn how to present the value behind your services. Quantify the benefits your firm provides that others don’t. Understand why you’re the right choice for your clients. Most importantly, differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Remember that many lawyers are making big successes despite these same objections. You too can do it. Develop your talent, sure, but especially grow your courage and define your purpose. It’s not just the power to achieve, but the will to do, that will make your legal practice a success.

Never before have lawyers had such opportunities to make money as now. It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s still true. The country is more prosperous than any time in history. Regardless of in-born talent, nobody who has character has any business being poorer than he wants to be. By successfully selling your legal services, you can ensure that you become prosperous too.

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Research shows that material written using these techniques is 112% more persuasive.

Chris has unique knowledge of both selling and the legal world. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School and alumni of Simpson Thacher, consistently ranked as one of the world’s five most prestigious law firms.

Chris has been specializing in successful selling for lawyers and other knowledge professionals for over twenty years. He the first and only speaker in the history of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals to be invited to give three separate talks as a first-time presenter. He has trained professionals in America, Europe, India and China on using these proven techniques.

His proprietary innovations in pre-beauty contest kickoff meetings makes resulting sales presentations and documents more than 30% more responsive to Requests for Proposals.

Materials written using these strategies have resulted in over $30 billion in deals — that’s more than the GDPs of Iceland and Jamaica combined!

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Introduction to Commercial Litigation Attorneys

When having disputes in your business dealings or with your associates, you need a commercial litigation attorney. Such an attorney specializes in commercial litigation law, a branch of business law. The services of these specialists are required when there is a violation of contract and also when a there is a disagreement among business partners or shareholders. A prospering area for practicing this branch of law is collections, where one can hire the services of a commercial litigation attorney to start legal proceeding for attaching assets or enhanced wages, forming a part of the process of collection. Such attorneys represent defendants and plaintiffs, but seldom manage transactional jobs for their clients, like the submission of trademark registrations or incorporation of businesses.

There are a wide range of legal matters needing handling by litigation attorneys. Their clients often include those having issues, or disputes ranging from contractual agreements to multifaceted real estate disagreements. Lawyers specializing in commercial litigation laws would generally handle only those cases, which fall within the range of business laws. For instance, they wouldn’t handle issues relating to immigration or working visas. A law firm, when being approached by a person or company for matters for which the firm doesn’t have a lawyer specializing in the needed field, would direct the person to another specialist outside the firm, specializing in that field.

A successful commercial litigation attorney would generally have experience as a trial lawyer. It is not unusual for these lawyers to help the involved parties to reach a compromise before a trial is concluded. The proceedings of cases which do not get settled through a compromise continue in courts, and they are generally succeeded by attorneys with rich experience and on the merits of the case coupled with proofs. The regular work of a commercial attorney involves the preparation of cases, followed by arguing in court, and filing appeals whenever necessary. Some attorneys or firms would charge large fees on hourly basis or a flat fee, as per the merits of the case.

At times, a commercial litigation lawyer may also represent defendants or plaintiffs in legal malpractice court cases. In such cases, it is obligatory for the petitioner to demonstrate that the lawyer representing him or her was not careful in presenting legal services and advice. For the case to go in favor of the petitioner, they need to prove that they were harmed as a result. Just demonstrating the harm is not sufficient, as the petitioner has to prove that he/she would have succeeded in the case otherwise. Claims pertaining to legal malpractice fall in the category of commercial litigation, as the lawyer being prosecuted provides legal services to clients, and that’s a business.

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